Abhiyaan Malhotra

Swansea Campus President


As your Campus President I will be representing you as students and ensuring you get the best out of your time at UWTSD. We will be there for you! You can always count on us to be available for you and to provider you with the relevant information, support, guidance and various opportunities to develop yourself as individuals. 

Students are welcome to give their suggestions, their feedback, their opinions on how their experience has been, what they would like to see more and what changes they would want! 

TSDSU is all about YOU, the Students! The Students’ Union will be at the forefront of your University Journey, from being there for you and with you in your ups and support you in your downs, and make the time you spend at UWTSD the best you could remember!


A Little About Me

Abhiyaan Malhotra is an international student, originally from India, and having completed his initial study years in Lithuania, he moved to Wales in 2017. He has been a Masters student in Applied Social and Health Psychology. Alongside this he was also doing a PGCE PCET and a BSc in Health and Social Care at UWTSD.


Top Priorities 


Access, Facilities and Wellbeing 

University experience is not complete without experiencing the various facilities that are available on campus. With Swansea campus being scattered in various locations, access to various things can be different for different institutes and my aim would be to ensure that students on any of the campuses in Swansea get the same or similar access to facilities and wellbeing opportunities. 


Clubs and Societies 

Providing more support and training for clubs and societies to increase student engagement and to have more cross campus collaboration through the challenge cup and various other events. To hold more inclusive events and activities, more safe spaces for students alongside recreational hubs for students to destress from their weekly academic routine.


Student Mobility, Careers and Culture 

Providing students with Employability support that would enhance their personal development and cultural awareness. Promote various opportunities provided by the University, work alongside the university to create more of these opportunities when it is safe to do so and to have the possibility to learn Welsh for Non-Welsh Speakers.

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