African Swine Fever

Thursday 12-09-2019 - 11:18

Are you a new student packing your bags and getting ready to come and study in the UK, or are you returning from a trip to Africa? You may be thinking about bringing back some African delicacies – but you need to check what you’re bringing in to the UK.

Have you heard of African Swine Fever? It’s a highly contagious viral disease that affects pigs. Meat and meat products can carry the virus, which can survive for a long time in pork, wild boar meat and their products, even when frozen, dried or cured. African Swine Fever has no vaccine and has caused the deaths of millions of pigs worldwide. 

The official advice from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is not to pack any fresh, dried or cured pork or wild boar meat to bring to the UK. This includes any pork or wild boar products such as sausages, bacon, meatballs, paté, ham, salami, jerky, bakwa and rougan, and products made of pork fat or wild boar fat, such as lardo and salo.

If you do try and bring these foods in, not only do you risk spreading the virus, it is illegal to bring these items into the UK from most countries outside of the EU; you could end up getting in to some serious trouble. It’s better to be safe than sorry – so don’t risk it - declare any food items to customs.

If you have any concerns about African Swine Fever, head over to the official website for more info and advice.

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