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Tuesday 05-02-2019 - 09:59

Go Green Week is back! Every year, TSDSU works alongside People and Planet to dedicate a week to the environment and raising awareness on the simple changes that staff and students can make to help the planet. From reusable water bottles to metal razors, growing your own foods to investing in a MoonCup, there are a whole host of inexpensive changes that you can make over the week to lower your personal impact on our only planet.  

Not only that, but this year we have decided to add another element to this. It is scientific fact that being outdoors, out in the fresh air and green environment, has a positive effect on a person’s mental health. We are fully promoting the use of ‘green exercise’ as a way of not only appreciating the environment around us, but appreciating yourself, too. We have included a day of the week to this on our events calendar, but any day of the year is a good day for some fresh air and mental relaxation. 

We have a range of events planned over this week (check below for the full calendar). Or, why not run your own and let us know! We are keen to showcase any and all sustainable changes that you’re making, so get involved! 


Monday 11th February


Coffee Cup Day!


Throughout this day, we will be checking your recycling knowledge and encouraging you to make one of the easiest eco-friendly switches, to a reusable coffee cup! Make sure you pick up your stamp card from any of the cafes around campus – every time you get a coffee in as reusable cup, get your card stamped and earn yourself a FREE coffee! Don't have a cup? Don't worry - we will have a few available to pick up for free on a first come, first served basis.


Tuesday 12th


Travel Tuesday!


Here at UWTSD we try to promote the use of alternative methods of transport, and today we will be rewarding you for your effort! Just arrive to Uni by public transport, car pool, bike or your own two feet and share a selfie or photo under the hashtag #TSDTravelTuesday on social media! 


Wednesday 13th


Wind Down Wednesday.


We know that Green doesn’t just mean saving the environment, and so we want to promote the use of ‘green therapy’ to aid positive mental health and combine the benefits of being outdoors in a natural environment with the cleansing of your mind for an afternoon. Each campus will have a different outdoor activity – be that a trip to the beach, a walk with our office dogs or an introduction to our allotments, there is something for everyone for a relaxing midweek afternoon. (Weather permitting) 


Thursday 14th


Sustainable Periods.


Breaking the stigma on issues is key, and on this day to coincide with our ongoing #BloodyHell campaign, we’re bringing you all things sustainable periods! Not sure how you feel, how they can help or even what they are? Come and find out just how much good they can do for your body and your planet. 


Friday 15th




A semesterly event, the Blackout is about saving our energy. Join us as we spend an evening saving money, saving energy, and finding out which University department is the most energy-efficient! Oh, did we mention there will be free pizza for your troubles?


Make sure to follow your relevant president and student engagement assistant for campus specific updates and times for the above activities.


Carmarthen Campus 

Becky Ricketts

Carmarthen Campus President

Laura Yates

Carmarthen Student Engagement Assistant 


Lampeter Campus 

Josh Whale

Lampeter Campus President

Laura-Cait Driscoll

Lampeter Student Engagement Assistant 


Swansea Campus 

Charlie Jones

Swansea Campus President 




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