How the Big SU Survey makes changes at university…

Wednesday 11-03-2020 - 13:18

With only a few weeks to go until our Big SU Survey closes, we want to recap and celebrate the positive changes this project has made over the past few years.  


Year 1: Hidden course costs 


In our first Academic Quality Report, we wanted to find out what students were spending their money on in addition to their course fees to introduce better support and transparency. We wanted to identify where the University could help students who were most affected by hidden course costs.  


In response to our research, the University: 


- Included cost of study statements in their promotional material, including more detailed course-level information for students who will need to purchase specialist equipment and incur additional travel costs. 


- Increased its offer of bursaries, including increasing the funds available through the Educational Bursary. 


- Created additional means-tested bursaries for students on Outdoor Education and Art and Design programmes.


Year 2: Course Organisation and Communication 


Our second Academic Quality Report focused on an area that you have consistently identified as something that needs improving; course organisation and communication. We asked you questions about timetabling, teaching hours and module availability, and the University responded by: 


- Introducing new Student Hubs 


- The development of student-friendly guides to help you navigate University policies 


- Making a commitment to issuing you with accurate timetables at least a week in advance of when teaching starts 


Don’t miss the opportunity to give feedback so that we can analyse the parity of your experiences across UWTSD. Complete the Big SU Survey here


Go to the Big SU Survey



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