It’s #NeverOK 

Wednesday 11-03-2020 - 13:14

We probably all saw what happened on Saturday at the end of the England vs Wales game - Alun Wyn Jones was sexually assaulted by Joe Marler- It has received a huge response. It’s not something to laugh about; I’m sure we felt uncomfortable seeing it.  But we see it everywhere, and it goes unchecked. In clubs, on the street, halls, transport - It can happen to anyone, and be passed off as a simple joke. This is unacceptable.  

 We must be vigilant, stand in defence of our friends and those around us. This is why the #NeverOk campaign started. #NeverOK is about standing up for each other, safeguarding each other from sexual harassment, and challenging inappropriate behaviour. It’s about ensuring students and the public can live in a safe and supportive environment. 

TSDSU does not tolerate this behaviour. It’s incidents like these we cover in upstander training, and it’s why we encourage you to act against this misconduct. Our upstander training encourages others to be active bystanders, reacting to misconduct and challenging it appropriately. This year, our group president Becky Ricketts ensured all first-year students received this training, in addition to our student leaders, promoting the #NeverOK campaign. 

As students - set a shining example, stand tall, act out against this behaviour, and keep safe. Let’s break the stigma, and keep each other safe. 

If you feel you have been harassed or witnessed it happen to someone else, you can anonymously report it using our harassment form





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