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Friday 14-12-2018 - 15:33


On November the 16th we continued to challenge the stigma around male mental health, with the launch of our 2018/19 Real Men Don’t Cry campaign.


Did you know that in 2017 there were 5,821 suicides recorded in Britain? (Stats from the Mental Health Foundation) 4,365 of these deaths were Men.


That means that 75% of suicides in 2017 were male, yet more often than not you still hear comments like “stop crying like a girl” or “man up” or “you’re being a pussy”


It’s time for the stigma to STOP!


You may think this won’t affect you and that you’d know if a friend was feeling low.


Last academic year as your president I released a survey on male mental health, a survey filled in by OUR students on OUR campuses:


* Of the 16 – 19 year olds who filled in the form, 85.7% have thought about suicide in the last 5 years.

* Out of the 20 – 25 year olds who filled in the form, 74.4% have thought about suicide. 87.5% or more have thought about suicide in the last 5 years.

* 75% of 26-29 year olds have thought about suicide.
71.4% of 30 – 40 year olds have thought about suicide 80+% of these in the last 5 years.

* 83% of 41+ year olds have thought about suicide.


Of all that filled in the survey:

* 36.4% Did not receive any help when dealing with mental health issues (indeed many mention that self-harm/self-medication/ drinking and drug abuse is their main way of dealing with issues.)


When asked why they believed the male suicides rate was higher than the female rate, nearly half answered this question relating to men struggling to talk about emotions/ feelings, and over a third linked it to stigma/expectation or norms of society/culture


Some of the answers given included:

* Men don't know how to deal with their issues, and struggle to open up about their infliction and as a result don't have an outlet which furthers their pain and negative feelings

* It is more of a taboo subject, and male support groups e.g. friendships differ from those of female ones.

* Because men are taught to hide their feelings

* We are told to be brave


YOUR classmates, YOUR friends are dealing with these issues and it’s time for the stigma to STOP.


A football tournament and was held on Friday 16th November. Run as a fundraising initiative this activity also carries an added message, as playing sport and generally being active is one way to help improve mental health. £58 raised for Movember


Daddy and Me Tea where fathers are encouraged to bring their children along and meet other parents. There was cake and colouring provided and a great bonding experience for all.


It’s time to end the stigma around male mental health Real Men DO cry!!!


If you are affected by anything within this blog please speak to

The Samaritans help line on 116 123

Or contact student services via 01267676830 Or email

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