Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 18-05-2020 - 12:27


Hey everyone,


It's Mental Health Awareness week!


Your mental health is as important as keeping physically fit; looking after your mental health keeps your mind strong and focused. Many people face their first mental health issue before age 25, and lots of people don't see their issues as a mental health problem and ignore it until it becomes too much.


University is an amazing opportunity for many, but when suffering from mental health issues, it can be harder than it's supposed to be in all aspects, from studying to social life. Many challenges are faced in university; there are exams and deadlines, living away from home, making new friends and maybe also having to manage a job or look after children along side their course.


During these uncertain times also it is normal to feel stressed, anxious and over think. Just please remember that your Students' Union is here for you, and so is the university. You can message us via email or on social media and also check out our page "Stay at home"; it will hopefully give you things to do and also help with any issues you may be experiencing. The university offers a mental health advisory service and also a page on wellbeing. However if you don't want to speak to someone, but need to vent then please use our Big White Wall; you can speak anonymously and receive help.

This years theme for Mental Health Awareness week is "Kindness". It doesnt take much to be kind. You don't always know what is going on in the minds of other people, even the ones you live with every day. It's really important to understand that everyone has their own issues, and regardless of whose issue is bigger; things affect people in different ways.

Please be kind to people - it could be as simple as telling a shop worker how much you appreciate their service during all the craziness in the world right now.


Let us know how you have been kind to someone recently, or how someone has shown kindness to you.


Stay safe and be kind!

If you would like to speak to someone in TSDSU about any issues you may have in regards to university or mental health, please email and she will look to get you the correct help from the correct people.


All the best, Rebecca!

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