Sabb Update: Uni Accommodation & Your Studies

Monday 06-04-2020 - 12:37

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Your Sabbatical Officers have been working hard with the University to clarify the issues affecting you and your studies due to coronavirus. Here are our latest updates;

University Accommodation.

  • Students can choose to remain in their University accommodation for the duration of the agreement - remember that this is subject to Government advice and the situation may change.
  • If you've already moved back home and let the University know they will release you from your agreement and you won't need to pay your third instalment.
  • If you've already paid for your accommodation in full, the University will issue a partial refund. This reimbursement is either from the date of the lockdown (23rd March) or the day you let the university know you have returned home, whichever is later. This will take a few weeks to process this. 
  • Currently, you cannot return to your University accommodation to collect your belongings. However, your belongings will remain secure in your room. Make sure to check your student emails for any updates on this and when the university is able to provide an update on collecting your things from campus.

A safety net for your studies.

  • To help keep things as fair as possible, the University has actioned important contingency regulations and are taking a 'no detriment' approach to assessments. Think of these changes as a safety net to help ensure that you receive a grade that truly reflects your performance over your whole time at university as long as you attempt and pass all of your upcoming assessments. Your grade can only go up, putting in effort at this point to not just ‘get a pass’ means that you can achieve even more.
  • With this in mind it is a bit complicated for those who are on accredited or professional programmes may be different. Subjects like Architecture, PGCE, Sports Therapy – if you are unsure of whether your course is accredited contact your programme team. 

Contingency regulations in a nutshell.

  • The contingency regulations are measures the University has put in place to help ensure students can carry on with their studies; this includes delivering classes and completing assessments online.
  • If the University is not able to offer you the chance to complete your assessments, then the contingency regulations will aim to support your progression as soon as possible. The University has developed Quick guides and is developing short videos to also help to explain these changes – find them through the university’s FAQ webpage.

Make sure you visit the University website for coronavirus updates and the full details of the above. Remember, our offices might be closed but your Students' Union team is still here working for you - so reach out if you need help. Look after yourselves and stay safe. 

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