TSDSU Supports a People’s Vote on any Final Brexit Deal

Tuesday 04-12-2018 - 15:40

In response to the recent turmoil within UK Government concerning Brexit and in advance of the 'meaningful vote' on the proposed Brexit deal on Tuesday 11th December, your officers have written to our MP's to campaign for a People's Vote. Read our full letter here:


Dear Representatives,


On Tuesday 11th of December, the House of Commons will be voting on the UK government’s proposed Brexit deal.  As studies by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research have shown, every possible Brexit scenario will have a damaging effect on the UK’s economy, including the deal to be proposed to the Commons on the aforementioned date.


One thing this deal has achieved, is that it has united the nation against it. Brexiteer or Remainer, a majority of people now support a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal. This is a view shared by the students at Trinity Saint David Students’ Union, who passed policy to support the People’s Vote campaign through our student councils in October.


Many of our members were denied the right to have their say on Brexit due to not being 18, something that will impact them the most, for the longest.  Those of us who were able to vote, voted overwhelmingly to Remain, with most polls putting support for Remain in the 18-25 age group around 70%.


The Brexit debate is poignant here, in Wales, due to the extraordinary relationship Wales has with the European Union, benefitting from around £5bn of investment between 2000-2017, creating over 36,000 jobs and enhancing every aspect of life as a citizen in Wales, from infrastructure to leisure to the natural environment.


Many of our students are hugely concerned about diminished opportunity post-Brexit, such as there being no equivalent to Erasmus+ and a damaged economy. In addition to this, the societal implications of an emboldened far-right, hate crime increases and anti-immigrant rhetoric does not reflect the attitudes and principles of our generations.

So, we ask the following of you:


Ensure that you are present in the Commons for the ‘meaningful vote’ on the aforementioned date.
Vote against the proposed deal, which keeps us tied to the EU without any influence over the rules we are governed by.
Campaign thereafter for a People’s Vote on any final deal, where Remain will be on the ballot paper - as this is clearly the best deal available to the United Kingdom, to Remain and Reform.


A former DEXEU Secretary said in 2012, that ‘if a democracy cannot change its mind, then it ceases to be a democracy’ and our members agree.  We urge you to make the voices of the younger generations heard and allow the citizens of the UK to take back control, for our future’s sake.


Yours Sincerely,


Robert Simkins - Group President

Becky Ricketts - Carmarthen Campus President

Josh Whale - Lampeter Campus President

Charlie Jones - Swansea Campus President


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