Volunteering and RAG Month

Friday 02-11-2018 - 09:27

This year we, at TSDSU are bringing month full of events for YOU to have a positive impact in the community around you.  We’re bringing you our very own Volunteering and RAG month; where we encourage everyone to get involved with the volunteering opportunities that we have to offer here.  Whether you’re interested in litter picking or walking dogs, there’s something on offer for everyone.  Not only is this a great chance to enhance your skills and your CV, it is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the local community and boost your self esteem at the same time.

Not only are we encouraging everyone on every campus to engage with these activities, but you’ll also be competing for bragging rights.  This year our Carmarthen, Swansea and Lampeter campuses will be facing off to see who really has the best volunteers.  In true Harry Potter House Cup themed fashion, we’ll be keeping track of the hours that you contribute and be naming one campus TSDSU’s Volunteer Cup Winners at the end of the month.  


So who will be the best campus? 

We’re adding a fun competitive element to our RAG and Volunteering Month by asking any student who volunteers this month to contribute to their campus’ total volunteering hours, think of it like a volunteering version of the Hogwarts house cup.

All you need to get involved is to log any volunteering hours you rack up anytime this month by filling out THIS form.


TSDSU's Volunteer Cup



276 Hours



125 Hours



412 Hours




Here’s the list of opportunities that we’re putting on for students in November:

Download the Carmarthen Campus Timetable


Download the Lampeter Campus Timetable


Download the Swansea Campus Timetable


If you find yourself looking at the opportunities wishing there was something more up your street, please let us know and we’ll try and accommodate for you/your group’s needs.


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