What is an SU Champion?

Friday 03-08-2018 - 16:07

We're re-branding our Welcome Week volunteers so they reflect what they really are; Students' Union Champions.

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We all remember what our first day was like; whether you were dropped off by your parents, shuffled in with kids in tow or whether you braved the day and came alone, it was nerve-wracking. Where do I go? What do I do? What's next? All questions that were also a reflection of your thoughts for the year ahead. But for most new students, those questions were answered by student volunteers who had been through it all before. Whether they linked you up with key staff members or gave you a tour of campus so you would know your way around, they were there for you.

Get InvolvedFor the following weeks, these student volunteers would hover around campus to make sure you knew how to get to your lecture room, or took you to get a coffee where you would meet, what you maybe didn't realise at the time, were lifelong friends. But their role didn't end there. These students would Champion for your rights all year long, they would know what events were being held and what Campaigns might interest you. Some of them loved to volunteer their time for a local charity or hold a bake sale. Some were Sports and Society members, some were Part-Time Officers, some Course or Faculty Reps. All students who were passionate about being there for others, and improving the experience for future generations.  

These are the students who were there for you when you weren't sure who else could be. That's why they're our Students' Union Champions.

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If you think you're an SU Champion and would like to welcome our new students in September, you can apply with the link below.


Being an SU Champion doesn't just have to end there, there are a plethora of opportunities that might interest you throughout the year.

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We hope to hear from you soon.

Rob, Becky, Josh & Charlie


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