What is the Big SU Council?

Wednesday 08-04-2020 - 13:46
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What is the Big SU Council?

SU Council is one of the highest representational and main decision-making body in the Union.

The council meets a number of times during the year to discuss and debate issues as well as voting on submissions from students to improve UWTSD. These are known as ‘Big Ideas’ and if they are passed at the council, your ideas will become part of our work for the next three years.

We’re currently in the process of making our Big SU Council digital, meaning we need students like you, to put forward ideas for our council to discuss to be made into policy.

Only your elected officers can vote at Campus and Big SU Council, however if you want to wait and vote on your Idea yourself, you will get the chance to submit your Ideas to our Annual GM, where all students can attend and vote.

Our Big Ideas page is the platform to share your ideas, recommend changes and steer the direction of the Students' Union. You can put your ideas forward, or look at all the suggested ideas, give them your backing and see where they are in the process.


Your SU Council works for you! Find out what they’ve done here


When is the Big SU Council?

Ideas deadline:  13th April 4:30pm

Agenda goes live: 15th April

Amendment deadline: 17th April 4:30pm

Amendments go live: 20th April

Meeting Date: 22nd April 3:30pm


How do I get involved?

You can submit an idea here.

You can talk to a representative who votes on your behalf. Find out who they are here!

You can also attend and speak on any topic that affects you, however only elected members can vote. It is also an opportunity to hold officers to account and discuss ideas with them


Any ideas submitted after the 13th of April will automatically roll over to the AGM in May.


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