Why you should spend more time outside...

Thursday 22-11-2018 - 15:34

...and why the Big Plant is the perfect way to do it.


TSDSU Swansea is on thier third ‘Big Plant’ taking place on the 17th November at Llys Nini. Arranged initially by the Environmental Society, Carmarthen has been inspired to follow in their footsteps and is proud to announce our inaugural Big Plant!


Micro-volunteering or one off volunteering opportunities offers a unique chance to make a huge impact on your local environment without the long term commitment which can be a barrier for some students. Volunteers will get the chance to be outside in the open, build relationships and bonds with other students whilst making a positive difference.


TSDSU applied to the Woodland Trust for their ‘Free Trees’ initiative which aims to make sure that every person has the chance to plant a tree. The application was successful and we received over 400 trees. In partnership with Graham Harvey, head of Outdoor Education at UWTSD, we identified an area at Cynefin in Johnstown which is the new site for Outdoor Education studies. Cynefin, is the perfect place to plant our saplings and give them a chance to flourish and help the local wildlife and environment.


“Our new base is called ‘Cynefin’ and the name itself is significant. Loosely translating as ‘habitat’, the word Cynefin also relates to spirituality and belonging.  In ecological terms a habitat is a place that allows an organism to sustain growth and development, in which to thrive” (Graham Harvey, 2018)


Micro-volunteering and the opportunity to be outside offers a unique chance to get back to nature, relax and enjoy being part of a movement. All students and staff are welcome to take part with their families, including children and well behaved dogs (on a lead).


“Being outside promotes positive mental health, which is extremely important for students who experience high levels of stress. Volunteering outdoors can also lead to opportunities or new interests being discovered”

- (Becky Ricketts, Carmarthen Campus President)


This event is scheduled to take place on 24th November 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm in partnership with the new outdoor education centre based at Cynefin, Johnstown. 


A free lunch and refreshments is also provided for all volunteers. If you would like to take part, please sign up using the participation form



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