Before you can join any of our student groups you will need to purchase a Team TSD Membership.


Learn more about TSD Membership here


To join a group, on their profile page, click on the big blue 'Join Now' button. This will bring up a screen with a list of all their membership types, select the one that suits you.


You will be taken through a checkout process. If you have not purchased a Team TSD membership already you will be prompted to do so here.


Once you have successfully checked out you are officially a member of the group.


You can view all the groups you belong to in the subscription section of your account/profile.


Find a group to join



How much does it cost to join groups?


Joining most groups are free but you must hold a valid TeamTSD societies membership (£5) or TeamTSD sports membership (£20). These fees cover you for the academic year and allow you to join an unlimited number of groups in each of the categories. 


Learn more about TeamTSD memberships here.


Some groups may charge an extra membership fee to cover their individual running costs, these will be outlined in their membership types.






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