Welsh is a fascinating language and is part of a cultural significance in Wales. I was fortunate to attend welsh-medium schools, becoming fluent and applying welsh in both my studies and professional career. My campaign is aimed at promoting the opportunities to learn Welsh at University, making them more accessible, and encouraging students to learn and develop their Welsh language abilities, and support the welsh government strategy in growing the number of Welsh speakers in Wales.

So why learn welsh? For one, it is an amazing language, and with its significance in Wales, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see it. From road signs, books and performances, it will open another world to you. Additionally, it is a useful way to upskill yourself, working in Wales you’ll find some roles may benefit from some understanding of the language.

I hope you enjoy the resources that are here and have fun beginning your learning journey with the Welsh language!

- Elis Allsopp


Learn with Elis.

Learn the basics of Welsh with Elis in the 3 videos below. Then continue to develop your skills using the additional resources. 



Lesson 1



Lesson 2

Useful Phrases


Lesson 3




Additional Resources

Below are a bunch of really useful Welsh lessons and resources, most are completely free too!





Learn Welsh on Duolingo




Free Online Taster Course



The Open University

Free Course



(Carmarthen Campus)

Student-Led TSDSU Society

Learn More



Welsh Society
(Lampeter Campus)

Student-Led TSDSU Society

Learn More



Y GymGym
Welsh Language Community

run by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Learn More



Education Bursary

Learn More






Useful Information

Development CSS