How we work

We are a charity of student-elected representatives which works to make sure you have the best possible University experience whilst here at UWTSD. We are independent of the University and work entirely for you, the students.

Our representation system, led by our 3 sabbatical officers across all of our campuses, means that with our support you have a very powerful voice to address the university with on whatever issues may come your way.


TSDSU... as you study

Together, we help you change things which affect students - we tackle rules and policies where they aren’t working. We make sure funding goes where you want and need it. The Students’ Union also supports students to be course representatives and improve things for them and their coursemates.


TSDSU... beyond the books

TSDSU gives you the space to make friends. Our student-led activities, across all 3 campuses, are the hub of student life – sports clubs, societies, volunteering projects. You’ll probably learn better life skills at the university outside the seminar room or library, so make sure you take up the opportunities while you’re a student.


TSDSU... when it goes wrong

Socially, physically, mentally or academically, once-in-a-while we all need a bit of support or independent advice. TSDSU makes sure that support is available and accessible to all our students.


TSDSU...students as leaders

Once a year, students are elected to take a year out to work full-time at TSDSU. The elected officers lead the long-term direction of the Students’ Union, making sure we’re tackling the biggest issues for our students – funding, cost of living, teaching quality etc – across several years.

You can have your say about the work the Students’ Union is doing by electing your representatives and contributing to TSDSU’s student council.










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