Group President

Robert Simkins

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Hey! I’m Rob and I’m your Group President for TSDSU this year!

The campus presidents and I are here to make YOUR time in Uni as amazing as possible, through whatever shape you want it to take. We have so much planned to welcome you all during Freshers, and throughout the rest of the year, but we still need your input in order to make this year your own, and make YOUR experience the best it can be!

I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible across all of our campuses, from Lampeter to London - so if you see me out and about please feel free to stop me and say hi, I’d be more than happy to support you in any ideas you may have or be there if you need some support or someone to talk to.

Let’s make this year a good one, see you all around!

Facebook: Rob Simkins Pres
Twitter: @RobSimkinsPres
Instagram: wolfietsd


Lampeter Campus President

Josh Whale

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Hi! I'm Josh and I'm your Lampeter Campus President this year. I'm here to represent students and to help ensure that students are getting the best possible experience from University! Part of my job is to encourage healthy wellbeing and to support students whenever they need it. We wish to be more engaged with our other wonderful campuses this coming year, so watch out for events across UWTSD for you to get involved in! If you have any questions or feedback, I have an open door policy so please feel free to come by! If I’m not in the office, drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Facebook: Josh Lampeter Pres
Twitter: @pres_whale
Instagram: Lampeter Officer


Swansea Campus President

Charlie Jones

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Hi, I'm Charlie your Students' Union President at TSDSU Swansea.

I'm here to support, represent and inspire students. My aim is to make sure that you get the best possible student experience at your time in UWTSD.

Let me know if you need anything or if you just want a chat, I'm available at all times and to be there for you when you need me.

My objective is to get students a greater say in what happens around the student experience and become more engaged with the Students' Union.

Facebook: Charlie Jones Pres
Twitter: @TSDSUSwansea


Chief Executive

Rhys Dart

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As the Chief Executive of the Students’ Union, I lead the staff team and make sure that the student officers are supported and able to achieve their aims. I make sure that good plans are in place to deliver excellent services, events and opportunities to students. I report to the Trustee Board and to the University on SU work and progress and support the officers in their most important role, representing our students.

The best thing about my job is working with the elected officers – Students’ Unions are exciting because our leadership changes every year. It helps to keep us fresh and means that we are constantly evolving. I came to TSDSU because it was a challenge and I’m motivated by helping to make our SU the best that it can be… which can only be done by getting as many students involved as possible, by trying new things and making sure that we are winning for students.

I work across all of our campuses and try to be on site in Carmarthen, Swansea and Lampeter at least once each week

Twitter: @ChiefExecTSDSU


Business & Finance Manager

Michelle Viccars

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My job primarily involves ensuring that the Student Union manages to provide all its activities within the budget that is set at the beginning of the year. I keep track of the finances of the SU including the payroll. In addition, I manage the in house design team, the administrative team, and the Bar that we run in Lampeter.

What is the best thing about my job? Working at the SU brings something different every day! I get to work with a great team of staff and sabbaticals and it is very satisfying supporting students to achieve their goals and aspirations.

I'm based in Swansea but work cross-campus.


Student Representation Co-ordinator

Jeremy Harvey

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My job is to ensure that all students are able to get the most out of their time as a student. I support the Course and Faculty Rep system, support students through academic appeals and look at things like academic rules and regulations to make sure students are treated fairly. My favourite part of the job is when I have been able to help a student through a difficult patch and got them through it with a positive result. I work across all of our campuses.


Student Development Co-ordinator

Josh Tobin

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I'm focused on enhancing the development of student skills, enjoyment and employability. As the Student Development Co-ordinator. I am responsible for the Students’ Union’s BUCS and non BUCS sports teams and act as the staff link with BUCS and BUCS Wales. I also work with our societies across all three campuses and work to create and implement student volunteering opportunities on all sites. Favourite part of the job – Sport is a big passion of mine so getting to work closely with student sports teams and societies on a daily basis to help make their time at university all that more enjoyable is a very satisfying part of my Job. I cover all three campuses so you can find me weekly in the SU at Carmarthen and Lampeter and in the SU offices in Swansea which are based on the Mount Pleasant campus, above the Metro Café.


Student Engagement Assistant: Lampeter

Bea Fallon

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Working for such a small Union, a lot of what I do encompasses students from all walks of life in various forms. From training Course Reps, supporting Student Officers, Sports and Societies and signposting academic casework, I’m here to make sure students are engaged on and off campus in everything we do. Nothing is quite like being able to help others and we get a lot of students coming to us in their time of need. I love knowing that by a student being involved in the Students’ Union, we’ve impacted their experience in a positive way while they’re here. Also, Lampeter is a place like no other! I’m based in Lampeter, although I do regularly work across campus with the other the Student Engagement Assistants and SU Team.


Student Engagement Assistant: Swansea

Andrew Jones

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My job at the union involves most things SU related, whether it’s volunteering, campaigns or even fundraising for charity. If there’s a campaign you want to run come and see me, if you’d like to volunteer for something specific come and see me, or if there’s a charity you’re interested in raising for, come and see me! The best thing about my job is trying to provide students with more opportunities to enjoy themselves. As your course and your studies only make-up a small percentage of your time at university I think it’s important that we try and offer you the best opportunities and extra-curricular activities. I’m based in Swansea, working across all the UWTSD campuses in the city.


Student Engagement Assistant: Carmarthen

Laura Yates

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Coming Soon.


Comms & Design Co-ordinator

Sarah Cole

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My job involves working with sabbatical officers to create fun and engaging campaigns. I provide design and look after the Students’ Union website, social media and the overall brand. My favourite part of my job is hearing the weird and wonderful ideas officers come up with and helping bring their visions to life. I spend most of my time working with the communication team in Swansea with regular visits to Lampeter and Carmarthen campuses.


Graphic Designer

Morwenna Chapman

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I work part-time at the SU, supporting the Comms & Design Co-ordinator and Comms & Digital Media assistant in our three-person team. I work on projects designing artwork to promote events and campaigns across a range of different media, helping staff and SABBs bring their ideas to life! We have a great team here and brainstorming ideas for a new brief is always fun, but I do love getting a job back from the printers! I am based in Swansea at our Mount Pleasant Office.


Comms & Digital Media Assistant

Matthew Otten

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Hi there, my name’s Matt. I work as a Comms & Digital Media Assistant for the Students’ Union. I work as part of a 3 person team (our collection of desks form ‘Design Island’ in the office). I help to support Sarah, the Comms & Design Co-odinator, and Mo, the Graphic Designer. I am primarily responsible for the SU’s photography, video and motion graphics. I love chatting to the students, getting to know them and helping film and promote their great events; such as the puppy party, beach cleans and East Vs West. I’m usually based in Swansea, but I also pop up on Carmarthen and Lampeter. If you’ve got an event planned and need some help with photography, video or promotion - get in touch.


Project Officer

Joe Edwards

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My main role is planning Freshers Fortnight for the Swansea Campus and organising Freshers Fair for all campus' along with sponsorship My favourite part of my job is planning the events for all the students to go along to, working with the students to help run the events and also seeing students enjoy the events that I have organised. My job is pretty much based in Swansea, but I am cross-campus.


Lampeter Bar Manager

Danny Hyde

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Bar Manager, Old Bar & Xtension, Lampeter I'm responsible for running the bar and nightclub here in Lampeter, putting together the events programme for the year, helping you organise and plan events to raise some funds for your societies and making sure your time with here as memorable as possible. The best thing about my job is hard to pin down, meeting the celebrity guests we've had over the last few years was great, especially chilling with Hodor, the taster packs brewery's send out are definitely a perk but cliched as it is seeing you guys let loose on our big nights and getting involved here at the SU is probably my favourite thing. If you ever need to find me I'll either be in the bar or drowning in finance sheets upstairs in the SU.


Administrator: Lampeter

Suzette Hase

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What does my job involve? A lot of this:

What is the best thing about my job? Doing the above with a great team for great students. Where am I based? Lampeter



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