Our Sustainability Interns


Linh Duong


Hi, this is Linh and I am your Blog & Design Support Intern of this academic year.

I believe communication lays in the core of any good problem-solving action, and good communication is a bonus. A lot of the time, people (students specifically) are not aware of our impacts on the environment, and by being oblivious to that, we do not know what to do to improve (or reduce) the severity of our damage to the Earth.


Any little change in daily activities would add up and contribute to a more sustainable life (e.g. using cutlery brought from home or reusable cups instead of plastic ones, etc.). Using my skills as a graphic designer, I hope to make sustainability a more understandable and therefore, a more approachable subject. With a good design and clearly communicated information, I wish people are more interested in this like we are and that they will all give a helping hand.





Ella Wilkinson


I believe that Climate Change is the biggest issue faced by my generation, and that it's concequences will be felt by everyone but most severely by those living in poverty and by people from marginalised backgrounds.


As your Energy and Waste Intern, I hope to bring these topics to the table and encourage the University to make meaningful change and take giant leaps towards becoming more sustainable.


I am going to investigate the current recycling uptake in Halls of Residence and suggest ways to improve the quality and quantity of recyclables, and continue to lobby the University on issues such as fossil fuel investments and environmentally damaging practices within our electronics supply chain.


I will promote sustainable lifestyle choices to students, particularly with regards to the garment industry. Finally, I will be approachable and actively listen to any student wishing to share their thoughts on sustainability at UWTSD, and use my position as an INSPIRE intern to amplify their voice and experience.




Poppy-Jo Purcell


Hello all! My name is Poppy-Jo Purcell and I am your PTO Representative for Mature and Partime Students for Carmarthen Campus! I am keen to make a difference in the university and put forward ideas that will help those under my category make the most of their time as a student.


Studies are for any age range, whether young or elder, it doesn't not define your capabilities. I am also an Intern for Inspire, sustainable fair trade and food. Sustainbility is a major importance of mine. I wish to change up as many things as I can to create a positive impact for the environment and others.


I'm a mother so it can be hard sometimes, but it's the little steps that make a massive difference if we all do a small change each :) Together we shall nail this!





Lorraine Simo


I am Lorraine Simo. I am a fun, easy going, ambitious and adventurous person. I believe fairtrade has a positive impact on the living standard of people. Sustainable food encourages economy growth, the ability to invest and generates a variety of crops.


I want to use this opportunity to encourage consumers to go for healthy and sustainable food. Also to create awareness for them to care about ethics so that healthier and more sustainable food is produced, to make our economy better. Looking forward to create a student farmers market to make us all experience fair trade and achieve sustainability.




Charlotte Davis


I have found myself becoming more and more interested in sustainability throughout the last couple of years due to my need to avoid throwing anything away along with wanting to turn something that is old and unloved into something new and beautiful. I didn't realise I have been doing this for years!


I have always adored making things and strongly believe that if something is still useful even if it's old, scuffed, torn, dented it doesn't matter its not worth throwing it away just for those reasons. Many of my possessions I buy second hand, maintain or fix myself when its broken and I don't give up on it until there really is no more use left in it.


Throughout my internship I wish to help to inspire others to try and do the same, admittedly yes it is lovely getting something fresh and new but the amount of waste that has been produced this way is horrendous. Lets try and make a positive change :)




Michaella Batten


Hey! I'm Michaella. I'm a Canadian International student and also one of the INSPIRE Sustainability Interns.


By making small lifestyle adjustments like eating a plant based diet, carrying a reusable glass water bottle, and focusing on reducing unnecessary waste, I hope to create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly university and community.


Some of the areas I'll be focusing on are increasing vegan food options on campus, helping students have access to a sustainable grocery delivery service, and working with the staff at the Lampeter campus to get more water bottle refill stations.




Alicia Priestley


I am 25, studying early years, I work in an autistic schools and at forest school, I'm planning workshops for primary school children to inspire them about sustainability.


I think its a shame we humans are behaving this selfishly, disregarding the planet and future generations. 'We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it' (WWF).


My hopes with the internship are to inspire young people in schools to know more about what we can do from an early age, so they can be on the case when they grow up. I found the information given to me at schools about sustainability totally underwhelming.


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