1. To boost your employability.

Some real-life experience can give your CV the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd. Volunteering will give you valuable transferable skills to take with you into the job-hunting world, communication, team work, time management, organisation and decision making to name a few.


2. To explore and network within industry.

Finding the right opportunity will give you the chance to explore different areas of work, gain confidence and network within your industry.  You’ll also meet people from all walks of life and make some great friends along the way.


3. To enrich your degree

University isn’t just about studying and lectures. Make sure to get involved with the opportunities available to you through your Students’ Union and beyond:



Find a volunteering opportunity

Tell us about an opportunity you have or would like to set up

Clubs and Societies

Get involved with an existing student society or sports team

Start up a new society or sports team

RAG (Raising and Giving)

Raise money for a cause


Organise a student led event

Student Voice

Run to become a Students’ Union President, Part-Time Officer or other leadership role.

Become your courses’ Course Rep

Become you faculty’s Faculty Rep

Submit an idea or petition

Attend a campus council

Submit a student blog


4. To make a difference

There’s a charity or not-for-profit organisation out there that can benefit from your enthusiasm. Help shape the world for the better, benefit your local community and make a difference to a cause you’re passionate about.


5. To increase your wellbeing

Contributing to a cause you love can keep you in good shape mentally and spill over into other areas of your life. Finding the right opportunity can help you find purpose, entertain you or help you make a lot of new friends.


6. To travel and experience different cultures  

The summer holiday is a perfect time to undertake an extended volunteering role abroad. From living inside Tortugeuro National Park in Costa Rica, contributing towards marine conservation in Fiji to helping to build houses in India there’re many exciting opportunities out there, unique experiences that will change the way you see and travel the world.




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