Effective Handover

This has been put together for outgoing committees so that you can start putting together a folder of useful information to give to those who will be taking over from you at the end of the year.

What is a handover?

A handover occurs when newly elected committee members are preparing for their new roles. It is the responsibility of the outgoing committee members to handover the control of the club in the form of meetings, documents and shadowing.

*It’s worth mentioning it’s a good idea to keep a record of all the problems you experience throughout the year and how they were handled, so that your successors have a point of reference if they experience something similar.

Why is a handover important?

  • Continuous planning and long term development of Clubs & Societies
  • Work done throughout the year is not lost
  • New committee are fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of the Club/Society
  • Making sure old mistakes are not repeated
  • Making new committee members aware of what ground has already been covered so they don’t waste time repeating it.
  • Making new committee aware of important deadlines and likely dangers they may experience
  • To make sure all signed contracts and important documents such as Club/Society constitutions from the previous year are passed on.

Things to include in a handover file

  • It’s a good idea to keep a record of all things Club/Society in a handover file; this will make the process a lot quicker and easier.
  • A Club/Society Calendar – Timeline of important Dates to look out for
  • Minutes of Committee meetings and AGM
  • Reviews of any events that the Club/Societies have run throughout the year
  • Copies of flyers and posters used e.g. Posters used at Fresher’s Fayre
  • Record of Achievements, Awards or anything the committee have achieved over the year
  • Annual Finance Report (Available from SU)
  • Useful Contacts
  • Details of the individual committee roles

How to carry out a handover

There are a number of ways that you can carry out a handover and this will depend on the size of your group and which method you think would work best for your Club/Society.

Some ideas: 

  • New committee members shadowing the outgoing committee
  • One to Ones - Committee roles meeting individually
  • A handover file
  • Handover Social for both sets of committee members
  • Meetings with important contacts to introduce new committee members e.g. SU Staff


Essential tasks that need to be completed during the handover

  • New Committee have read and understood the Club/Society Constitution
  • New Committee have the online google form and spreadsheet links
  • New Committee have been equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and contacts to fulfil their roles for the coming year.


Key areas that new committee members need to learn and understand

  • Club/Society Constitution
  • Successful ways to promote your club/society (Fresher’s fayre review would be useful for this)
  • Finance report of your Club/Society account
  • How to interact with members
  • Club/Society processes for core activities
  • Relevant information from previous years via AGM minutes
  • Regular Events the Club/Society run

The length of time your handover will take will depend on the size of the Club/Societies committee and how many members the Club/Society has. For example a club with 90 members and 6 committee members will require more than just a 5 minute meeting or a phone call with new committee members.

Do’s and Don’ts of a handover



Tailor your handover to the needs of your successor. Think about the level of experience and knowledge of the person you are handing over to. For example if you are handing over to someone who has already held a committee position the handover itself won’t have to be as in-depth as someone who has never held a committee position before.

Understand that it’s up to the new committee if they want to change things or take the Club/Society in a different direction. Don’t interfere.

Once the handover is complete let the new committee members get on with it. They don’t need you breathing down their neck; just let them know you’re on the other end of the phone if they need help.


Leave your handover until the last minute i.e the week you leave University. It’s more than likely you will forget important information and the hard work you’ve put in over the year will be lost. A good and effective handover is not done in 5 minutes.

Don’t be afraid of asking a SU staff member for help, we’d rather help you deliver an effective handover than be left with a new committee that’s underprepared

Don’t Panic – Handovers can be stressful but with good planning and a bit of patience you’ll be fine.

Don’t disappear after the handover – make sure the new committee have your contact details, there are bound to be things they don’t understand or things you have forgotten.


If in doubt contact your campus Activities Assistant or the Student Development Co-ordinator.


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