Faculty reps are the main representatives of students in their Faculties. Like course reps, they are students who are still studying, and they work with the course reps in the schools and the Students' Union to communicate to their Faculties and the University issues that are being raised by students. Faculty reps are a key part of our work in improving the student experience. Your Faculty Rep will be able to help give you some guidance and advice on a range of issues, though we suggest taking issues to your course rep first.


Faculty Reps for 2017/18:


Faculty of Education and Communities (Carmarthen)

Connor Williams 1400606@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Education and Communities (Swansea)

James Curran jcurran.151092@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Business and Management (Carmarthen)

Menna Jones 97010606@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Business and Management (Swansea)

Dai Steer dsteer.147367@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Art and Design

Chloe-Louise Stevens cstevens.146612@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts

Laura Yates 1403123@student.uwtsd.ac.uk


Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Nicholas Long nlong.144693@student.uwtsd.ac.uk​






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