What is a Faculty Rep? 

A Faculty Rep is a student appointed by the SU to represent the views of students at Faculty Board Meetings. It’s the Faculty Reps responsibility to collect feedback from Course Reps and the general student body, and feed that in to the Student’s Union and the Faculty so improvements can be made towards a better, more organized and more inclusive Academic Experience.  

Our Faculty Reps work alongside the elected student body Presidents, SU staff and senior management within the University to develop courses and discuss the ideas and suggestions of students. 

We currently have 9 Faculty Rep positions, filled with dedicated, passionate students who want to listen to your views, as students. Each Faculty Rep is trained by the Students’ Union and have knowledge of the University, Students’ Union and wider world of higher education. 

As all our Student Leaders, Faculty Reps are trained in Consent, Diversity and Mental Health so they Champion the ethos of being an Active Bystander.  

So, what is a Faculty?

 A faculty is made up of a number of academic schools or clusters, which are in turn made up of a number of courses. Each Faculty has a Dean, who manage and oversee each of the programme directors and staff members. Each Dean chairs their Faculty Board Meeting and works alongside the SU and Faculty Rep to bring your ideas to life. 


So how can you get involved?

 If you have ideas, suggestions or complaints, you should speak to your Course Rep. We’re working on school based posters so it will be easy to find out who your Course Rep is, and how to contact them. Alternatively, you can come and speak to your Faculty Rep at one of our Pop Up Unions. Each month, each of the Faculty Reps designate 6 hours to Student Engagement, so take the opportunity to find out what their pledges are and what they’re working on. You can read your Faculty Reps report, which will be published after each meeting on our blog.  



Lauren Williams

Humanities and Performing Arts, Carmarthen Campus


Charlotte Stone

Humanities and Performing Arts, Lampeter Campus



Abhiyaan Malhotra

Yr Athrofa, Swansea Campus


Jennifer Evans

Yr Athrofa, Carmarthen Campus

Menna Jones


Business Manangement, Carmarthen Campus

Catrin Boulton

Business Management, Swansea Campus


Simon Downes

Architecture, Computing and Engineering


Ashleigh Chivers

Art and Design


01267 676 876
TSDSU, College Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3EP



01570 422 619
TSDSU, College Street, Lampeter, SA48 7ED



 01792 482 100

TSDSU, Llys Glas, 1 Alexandra Rd, Swansea, SA1 5AL

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