Jessica Setterfield

Womens' Liberation Officer


Ffion Haf Davies

Welsh Affairs Officer

Lowri Bates

Clubs Representative



Ellis Brown

LGBT+ Students Officer

Sion Griffiths

Green Officer



Tesni Fakes

Student Engagement Officer

Hello! My name is Tesni and I am looking forward to being Carmarthen’s student engagement part time officer.

I am enthusiastic about my role as I love to get involved with several activities through the clubs, societies, volunteering experiences and SU events, as I can meet and get to know several people, who may also like to get involved in future events.

I am optimistic that working closely with my fellow PTO’s, SABB’s and students across all campuses, that more can be done to bring the campuses together and overcome barriers to mass participation!

My objectives this year

1. Get more people from different social groups involved and engaging in clubs, societies, volunteering and SU events

2. Improve campus links with Lampeter and Swansea – organise joint events



Poppy-Jo Purcell

Mature and Part-Time Students Officer




Bethan Davies
Post Graduate Students Officer



Elis Allsopp

Student Well-being Officer

Prepared to hear your thoughts on all issues. As a youth work student I’m deeply invested in improving the experiences of students in university, and be engaged in the student community.

My Objectives for the year

1. Develop social engagement between students and encourage them to events of their interest
2.Research the needs and strategies for a safe room on campus
3. Raise awareness of mental and physical health and improve accessibility for students in terms of wheelchair for access and then security on campus for students such as key card for halls are faulty.
4. Host a RAG/funday/PTO event on health to scope students needs



Rebecca Palmer

Students with Disabilities Officer


Adekoyejo Sobola
Black Minorities and Ethnic Communities Officer



 Etella Keenan

International Students Officer


01267 676 876
TSDSU, College Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3EP



01570 422 619
TSDSU, College Street, Lampeter, SA48 7ED



 01792 482 100

TSDSU, Llys Glas, 1 Alexandra Rd, Swansea, SA1 5AL

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