Martha Warren

Lampeter Campus President


Hi everyone. I’m busy getting everything ready for the year ahead and hope to make this a great year for you all. I have loads of campaigns planned which I hope you will all enjoy, but I’d also love to hear if you have any campaigns and/or events you want to run. We are the students’ union and we are here for you, the students, so it seems only right you get the experience you want.

Working more closely with the students is something I really want to focus on this year. Not only with campaigns and activities, but working with students so they know their rights and feel they can come to use whenever they have a problem or want something changed.


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My top 3 priorities...


I have 5 priorities this year (not just 3) and these will be taking the form of campaigns that will be running throughout the year, not just one off events. They are...


Making our University as sustainable as possible

Clubs and Societies

Bringing sports teams and societies together across campuses

Mental health

Fighting to end stigmas surrounding mental health and introducing preventative campaigns

Period Poverty

Continue work for period poverty and work on period education


Introducing a Health and Wellbeing program for students which will includes cooking classes, sexual health talks, safe drinking workshops, and many, many more events...

As you can see a lot of my priorities include educating students on different areas; this is because we have all come from different walks of life and our experiences have been different. By providing education in these different areas we hope to put every individual on the same platform, ensuring when you leave university you can be the best you can be.

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