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November 20

What is an Officer Election?

Every year the Union holds Officer Elections for both Full Time and Part Time Student Rep positions. These positions vary from Students’ Union President to Student Trustee and last for one year.

The Students’ Union is a non-profit organisation run by and for students, and every year the student body has the opportunity to vote for a candidate in various positions that they believe will do the best job in representing their views.


When are Elections?

By-Elections for Part Time Officer and Student Trustee positions will go live in November 2016 once students have had the chance to settle into Uni life. It’s in these elections that students’ can run for positions that weren’t filled in the main Election in February 2016.

Main Elections for Presidents and PTO’s will take place in February 2017 but you can talk to any of your current officers or Union staff members about running for a position.
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Reasons to stand for a position.

The elections will take place during the second semester and you will have a chance to nominate yourself on your campus for one of the positions. You will then have a campaigning period to convince students why you think you’re the best candidate.

Any student at UWTSD is eligible to nominate themselves in the elections, regardless of year or course. PTO’s have the luxury of being able to study while they represent their fellow students and if you enjoy the position you can run again every year that you are a registered student with the university.

Presidents are full time paid positions. However, you don’t have to be in your final year to be eligible. You have the option to take a year out of education to gain valuable training and work experience that will improve your skills, communication and future prospects as well as making a tangible difference to the Student Experience for current students and future generations.


Reason to Vote

As a student of UWSTD you automatically have a vote in the Officer Elections. Even if you don’t fancy running for a position yourself, make sure you don’t waste your say in who you want representing your future as a student.
When the elections roll around, you’ll receive an email that will direct you to a voting page where you can read up on all of the candidates manifesto pledges. Whether it’s improvement of campus facilities, lobbying the University to secure funding for hidden course costs or enhancement of student engagement, it’s your chance to vote!




















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