Have a RAG idea?

We're here to help inspire and support student fundraising. Do you have an idea for a RAG event but need some help? We’re here for you. This page will run through key aspects of running a successful activity. 

  1. Planning & Applying
  2. Fundraising
  3. Donating the money
  4. Rules & Reg's
  5. Resources & Contacts



1. Planning & Applying

To get started you need to tell us who you want to fundraise for and why.

  • Think about the charity you want to fundraise for and why.
  • Think about when and where your fundraising will take place.
  • You'll need to complete our RAG Fundraising Form and submit it for approval.
  • Your application will be reviewed by our RAG team; the process normally takes a couple of weeks.
  • If your application is successful, you'll be granted supported from TSDSU.
  • You'll need to make sure your fundraising follows the rules and reg's listed below. 



2. Fundraising

Now it is time to put your plan into action and start fundraising.

  • You should deliver your fundraising as outlined in the planned. 
  • You must follow all the points in the rules and reg's below. 
  • Make sure you collect money using the security marked charity tins (we'll provide these).
  • Make sure that all the money is counted by two people. 
  • Make sure you safely store the money. 
  • Bring the money to TSDSU within 7 days of the event finishing. 



3. Donating the money

  • Once you've counted the fundraised money, you'll need to bring it to us within 7 days. 
  • You'll need to tell us how much money you've counted. 
  • We'll recount the money and confirm the amount with you.
  • We'll bank the money into our bank account. 
  • Once banked, we'll make payment to your chosen charity using the details you provide;
    • Charity bank details
    • Link to donations page on charity website.
  • We'll send you confirmation of the donation. 



4. The Rules & Reg's 

The Do's

  • All fundraising must be done in an ethical, transparent and legal manner.
  • You must be polite and professional.
  • You must not unfairly criticise or insult other people or organisations.
  • All donations should be collected in the secure collection tins provided.
  • All fundraised money must be counted by two members of your team.
  • All fundraised money must be brought into TSDSU within 7 days of the end of the fundraising activity.
  • You must securely store the fundraised money until it reaches TSDSU.


The Do Nots

  • Act in a way that might cause high levels of stress to members of the public.
  • Be dishonest or manipulative.
  • Act in way that might damage the reputation of TSDSU or the charity you're fundraising for, this might be;
    • Smoking or drinking whilst fundraising.
    • Taking or being under the influence of illegal drugs.
    • Being lewd, aggressive or swearing.
    • Putting undue pressure on members of the public to donate.
    • Exploiting your position for personal gain.
    • Exploiting the personal circumstances of an individual.
    • Expolit someone who cannot fully comprehend the situation.
    • Request donations from someone under 18 years of age.
  • You must avoid causing an obstruction, congestion or being a nuisance to the public.
  • You must not obstruct, interfere with or disrespect members of staff from local businesses.


The Three-Step Rule

  • Whilst fundraising, you must meet the ‘three-step’ rule.
    • You must not take more than three steps alongside the person or to follow them.
    • If the member of the public has not come to a stop within the three steps, you must end your attempt to talk to them.
    • You must not follow a person beyond the 'three-step' rule.



5. Resources

We’ve got some online resources to help you get started; 


Book a room 



Book a minibus 



Plan an event or trip 



Risk assessment 



View all resources 







Still need help.

We’re always available to chat about your idea. Send an email to your Student Engagement Assistant or Campus President to set up a meeting or to ask about; 

  • General advice and guidance 
  • Sourcing and borrow equipment. 
  • Booking a room or space. 
  • Help you with transport. 
  • Advice around sourcing funding. 




Laura Yates

Student Engagment Assistant (Carmarthen)



Laura-Cait Driscoll

Student Engagment Assistant (Lampeter)



Andrew Jones

Student Engagment Assistant (Swansea)



Becky Ricketts

Group President



Elis Allsopp

Carmarthen Campus President



Martha Warren

Lampeter Campus President





01267 676 876
TSDSU, College Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3EP



01570 422 619
TSDSU, College Street, Lampeter, SA48 7ED



 01792 482 100

TSDSU, Llys Glas, 1 Alexandra Rd, Swansea, SA1 5AL

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