How to start a new club/society 

Thank you for helping to shape student life at Trinity Saint David Students' Union. Our role is to enable groups of students to come together to follow common interests and develop themselves and their talents. You will become part of around 90 current student groups, large and small, that span a diverse range of activities and interests.


Step 1

Fill in the form to begin setting up your own society.

Set Up Your Society


Step 2

Await Contact from Josh Tobin, Student Development Co-ordinator who will be asking you to submit a minimum of 5 names of eligible students that are needed to set up a society.

Josh will contact you to let you know if there are any queries about your proposed group.


Step 3

All submissions go to the SU Executive Committee to be reviewed and ratified. These committees happen every second Thursday of the month.


Step 4

Once you've been ratified Josh will be in touch to set up a start-up meeting. Josh will explain to you all about how we can support you and go through the ins and outs of running a successful club/society.

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