Bystander Training to be given to all new students

by IONA MOKANDPURI 07 February 2019, 15:38

Category: Welfare

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For Bystander Training to be delivered to all new studens during freshers week. It helps make students more aware of their own and their peers safety. It would make Freshers week events safer and help in decreasing issues with sexual harrasment. 

The presentation could be delivered to new students at when they are recieving the other welcome presentations and talks things (accomodation, student services, etc).


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    MICHAEL WINN   wrote, 09-02-2019 - 19:43

    The Empowerment Network UK empowers bystanders of domestic abuse to safely intervene. They are currently conducting national research into which digital services they should deliver. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and every participant has the chance to be entered into a prize-draw for a £20 giftcard. Please follow this link for the survey:

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    Chloé Chignell   wrote, 18-03-2019 - 21:59

    Can we not make that video compolsorsry though. The tea&consent does a just as good (if not much better) job of showing what consent is. I don't feel the graphicness of the video currently used is helpful for the cause. Tea video:

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