Get a cigarette bin outside the Khalifa Lecture building (Lampeter)

by TAMARA BOWIE 20 December 2018, 10:54

Category: Facilities

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The Khalifa Lecture building is just off of campus on the main road bordering campus and there is not a cigarette bin around the building.

Students in lecture in Khalifa 1 (front of the building) go for a cigarette out the front of the building, on the main road, due to convenience. However, if we can get a cigarette bin out the back of the building, students will be more inclined to go out the back on breaks as we will actually have somewhere to dispose of the cigarette butts.

A cigarette bin out the back of Khalifa will:

- Keep the area surrounding the building clear of trash

- Students will be less likely to be stood on the side of the main road, in the way of the public increasing student safety

In terms of the type of cigarette bin, campus has a number of buckets located outside lecture buildings however I feel a wall mounted bin (like the one outside the Tucker building on campus) would be more feasible in keeping the cigarette ends from ending up on the floor.



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