TSDSU to lobby UWTSD & to invest in the LiftShare App

by Rob Simkins 30 January 2019, 15:25

Category: Travel

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TSDSU to lobby UWTSD & to invest in the LiftShare App


Councils Believe:

  • That parking capacity on UWTSD sites has been and is currently a huge issue, with demand for spaces far outstripping supply.
  • That the vast majority of our students in Carmarthen and Swansea commute to university from across the local catchment areas.
  • That decreased accommodation availability in Swansea and a lack of uptake in Carmarthen has had an adverse impact on university parking facilities.
  • That the university should be promoting ‘greener’ alternatives to individual students driving to and from university locations.


Councils Further Believe:

  • That via LiftShare, students and staff will save money on travel, thus providing a series of knock-on effects beneficial to retention of students by UWTSD.
  • Investing in LiftShare provides the university with a ‘tried and tested’ system that prevents them from having to reinvent the wheel.
  • That large numbers of staff work across campuses in Wales and England and that LiftShare is a method by which to reduce the carbon footprint of necessary university travel whilst also saving money reimbursing staff travel.


Councils Resolve:

  • To lobby UWTSD to invest in the LiftShare App, on the basis that the initial financial outlay will save the university in efficiencies in the long-term whilst also contributing to a lower carbon-footprint.
  • For the SU to work with the university to explore how best to mitigate costs associated with the translation of LiftShare in order to be compliant with UWTSD & TSDSU bilingual policies.



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