Make your money go further with TOTUM.

TOTUM is the UK's number 1 student discount card; giving you access to tons of exclusive discounts; from fashion to eating out, to travel, to tech. When you join, you'll get access to all the student discounts on TOTUM; head on over to the TOTUM website to see all that's on offer. You order your card online, pricing is from £12 for full access to TOTUM's discounts. 

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TOTUM Lite gives you access to some of the best TOTUM discounts - it's totally FREE to join. So you can start saving right now.


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First, download the TOTUM App. Then verify you're a student; either by using your student email address or signing in with your place of study's portal and once we verify it you’ll be good to go - you'll have access to some of the best discounts for a whole 12 months!

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