Trustee Board

The Trustee Board has overall responsibility for the financial and legal stability of the Student’s Union. It is made up of the four full-time officers, four student trustees and four external trustees.

There are also sub-committees of the Board that deal with things like Health and Safety, the appointment of a Returning Officer for elections and signing off the annual audit.

What happened at Trustee Board Thursday 13 February?

  • Board approved the accounts of the students' union for 2018/2019 these will be filed with the Charity Commission and published on the Companies' House website. The accounts will be presented to students to at the Annual General Meeting (Wednesday 27 May)
  • It was noted by the Auditors that this is the best set of accounts the union has ever had!
  • Sabbatical Officers provided an update on their individual and collective activity
  • Staffing policies relating to maternity, paternity, adoption, and study leave were considered and the Board requested some administrative amendments
  • Board approved a bilingual policy which will be developed into an action plan
  • TSDSU has decided to join both NUS UK and NUS Charity (students decide whether the union should be affiliated to NUS, however, whether it joins NUS UK and NUS Charity is at the discretion of the union hence a board decision)

For clarity:

NUS UK - has a focus on the representation of students at a national level

NUS Charity - will be dedicated to the development and provision of strong students' union, the trading parts of NUS will be considered the subsidiary of NUS Charity


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