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Freshers’ Fair Stall

Freshers’ Fair is the first major student event of the year. The Fairs welcome the new freshers, each one is located in areas with high footfall. And It‘s even open to all UWTSD students. Swansea, Carmarthen and Lampeter campuses each have their own Freshers’ Fair. It’s a great opportunity to have an engaging face-to-face conversation with the students and to promote your business.


Freshers’ Fair Dates


21 September

25 September

27 September


Price on Application





Freshers’ Handbook

Our annual Freshers’ Handbook gives new students a great insight into the student life of Swansea, Carmarthen & Lampeter.
We’re keen on working with interesting, independent and up and coming businesses. We want to help you engage and reach our new students. We offer a range of adverts.


Half Page Advert


148mm (w) x 105mm (h)

Full Page Advert


148mm (w) x 210mm (h)






Student Calendar

The Student Calendar is an academic calendar we hand out to students at the start of term. It lists every event we think students need to know about during the year. We have space for businesses to place adverts on the calendar. Have an event to promote? We can pre-fill dates with your event details.


£150 • Calendar Advert
130mm (wide) x 75mm (tall)
Price on Enquiry • Event Pre-fill




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